Lisa Eldridge fresh pink lip look and photo-friendly party make up

Lisa Eldridge is amazing. She really is. If you haven’t seen her videos then I urge you to go straight to her website and gobble them all up. It’s not only her incredible skills with make up, but also that she just seems like such a lovely person. That sounds a bit wet, but it’s true!

I haven’t worked my way through all of her videos yet (this is an international make up artist with years of first class experience we’re talking about – there are quite a lot!) but, these are two of my favourites so far. I think I like them so much because they are both looks that Lisa wears herself, in fact, for this first one (Fresh pink lip) Lisa was actually on her way out after she had finished filming. I really like that.

Lisa Eldridge does a fresh pink lip for an evening out

This second tutorial is on a party look that is photo-friendly – something so important but often not thought about when getting ready for a big night out. You can spend hours getting your make up just right only to be horrified when the photos go up on Facebook and you look like Casper the friendly ghost’s sister in all the pics!

Lisa Eldridge does photo-friendly party make up

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