Packing light with Zoe Foster

I do realise I say this about all the people whose posts I save on here, but I LOVE THIS GIRL. I just really do. If you have even a small interest in beauty and products and make up then I strongly recommend you buy Zoe’s book, Amazing Face. It’s not available in the UK, but you can buy it here.

I love the videos that give a little insight into the blogger’s life, and these two are no exception. Not only that but when I recently visited my sister in Australia I lugged six, SIX toiletry and make up bags with me. So heavy. And potentially relationship busting when your husband has to carry your suitcase up and down train station staircases (while I happily skip along with his). So it’s a shame these videos didn’t come a month sooner.

Anyway, obviously, I now want the YSL nude gloss. And everything else.

By the way, while I was in Australia I bought the Covergirl eyeshadow primers Zoe recommends here, and I love them both. Brilliant under pretty much every eye shadow I own. (Might have mentioned that before). I also bought three tubes of Suvana paw paw and it is excellent. Genuinely better for lips (and everywhere else) than the Lucas Ointment version which contains petroleum – your skin can get addicted to this and stop producing it’s own oils – shock! (Having said that it’s very good for protecting cuticles when applying fake tan).

Over to Zoe:

What Zoe Foster packs in her toiletry bag

Zoe Foster takes us through her make up bag

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