Some good eyebrows

Here is a collection of people with good eyebrows. Kind of for my own enjoyment – I’ll admit it, but if you have found your way here, you might be that way inclined too. Enjoy.

Image from Clarins

This is true natural beauty, isn’t it?

I know heavily airbrushed, photoshopped etc etc but still, stunning.

So much better with her eyebrows. Those arches, so high!

She is beautiful.

I’m going to stop with that image of JLo (taken from The Declaration of Beautypendence, which I have stumbled upon just now and am going to go back to and read this marvellous-looking post as soon as I’m finished). Back to Jen: It was this very pair of brows that I have spent most of my teenage and adult life trying to copy (those on the right, not the left). Aren’t they just darling? Actually, I’d have her whole face any day. Body too, obviously. I didn’t crop the image on the left because isn’t it just the perfect example of how important correctly-shaped eyebrows are? And a whole host of other things too, which you can read about in the Declaration of Beautypendence post above.

Just a few good brows, all kind of different actually, but that’s good – face shape dictates your perfect brow. For the record, mine is not JLo-shaped.

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