Beauty And The Bride

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We all want to look like the absolute best version of ourselves on our wedding day; I feel I can be so bold as to assume that this is a given for pretty much every lady out there.

Over the next six weeks I’m going to write a series of posts that will help you on the road to sheeny, shiny bridal perfection. Whether you just want to tone up or need tips for beautiful, glowing make-up, I’m going to cover it all here.

Before my own wedding I did something like this and genuinely felt lovely on the day. And I think that’s the main thing – feeling happy and confident so that when you put your dress on and leave to go and marry the man of your dreams you can forget about all the primping and just have an amazing day. Worrying about bingo wings just shouldn’t feature in your day.

You can pick this up whether you have six months or six days until you walk down the aisle – some of the benefits will be instant. My plan is that it’s easy to fit in around your job and all the planning you have to do too.

The fitness side of it is not intense – I don’t pretend to have an in-depth knowledge of any sports – my (fairly basic) take on it is to eat less, move more. But if you do take up the (easy) exercise you will definitely notice the difference.

Something I do know about is hair, skin and nails, and this will form a big part of the series. From the vitamins that will help you shine, to clever tricks with a make-up brush, you will feel lovely by the time I’m finished with you!

It’s worth saying here that of course all you don’t need to be getting married for this series to be relevant. If you have any big occasion where you want to feel your most beautiful self, you’ve come to the right place.

2 thoughts on “Beauty And The Bride

  1. What a fab idea! I’m not getting married anytime soon but definitely welcome any beauty tips….just incase ;). I look forward to reading all the posts xx

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