Beauty And The Bride: Skincare for the face

Bioderma Crealine: My hero (Image from

Bioderma Crealine: My hero (Image from

Next, skincare products for the face. I know I did say I’d talk about self-tanning and hair removal but I’m really not a huge expert in either so I don’t feel that I can write a whole post on them.

I will say that I have used and loved St Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Mousse and for hair removal I swear by my epilator for relatively easy, long-lasting smoothness. I have the Braun Silk Epil Wet and Dry Epilator.

On to your amazing face (SO much more exciting). I’ve always been a big believer in a simple skincare routine but I have to admit that several new steps have snuck their way in over the last couple of years.

When I was planning my own wedding I went to a few beauty master classes at Dermalogica’s Kensington store (sadly no longer open – they’ve moved to Liberty) and, as was their plan I’m sure, I bought several of the products they used. The ones that I still use now are Precleanse and Daily Microfoliant.

Precleanse might sound like a total farce but, truly, it’s so important. Even if you don’t have Precleanse (or something similar), if you have been wearing make-up/been in the city all day/rolling in the mud then I would recommend that you use your cleaner twice. Think of it this way – the first cleanse removes the make-up and grime and the second actually gets to work on your skin, doing whatever your specific cleanser is designed to do – whether it’s moisturising, clarifying or balancing (etc). Precleanse can also be used on eyes, which I really rate in a cleanser.

Daily Microfoliant is a fantastic non-physical exfoliator (it doesn’t have scratchy bits in it). They recommend using it twice a day but I think once at night is absolutely fine – particularly because it’s not cheap at £40. When I use this regularly my skin is smooth and glowy, and blemishes are kept at bay. I love it. Something similar is Amore Pacific Treatment Enzyme Peel, which was recommended to me by the lovely Mitra of psbty (if you live in the US you HAVE to try this out – it’s an amazing personalised beauty shopping service). The Enzyme Peel is not available in the UK but I got my hands on a bottle when I was in New York and I have to say it’s incredible. It’s not dissimilar to Daily Microfoliant in that it’s a powder that you mix with water to create a water-y paste, and the results are also lovely smooth, glowy skin which looks like you’re fresh from a facial. At around $60 it’s about the same price as DM but I think totally worth it. I interchange between these depending how I feel!

For cleansers I adore Alpha H Balancing Cleanser, which I bought after reading Ruth Crilly’s post about it on A Model Recommends. It’s  a very simple creamy cleanser and you can use it on eyes too which, as I’ve said, I like. My skin always seems clearer when I’m using this. Something that I started using recently and also like is La Roche-Posay Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser. This is super gentle so really good if you have sensitive skin and has all that thermo water stuff in it which always makes me feel like I’m doing something extra special and healthy for my skin.

Finally on cleansing (as I write this I’ve realised I need to separate out skincare in to cleansers and exfoliators, serums and moisturisers and finally masks and treatments) the make-up artist’s favourite Bioderma Crealine H2O is a cult product for a reason. It is so good I get nervous when I’m half way through a bottle. The fact that it’s not that easily available in the UK adds to this! I’ve bought a bottle on ebay before and my husband kindly bought me a couple of bottles when he was in France. It’s now going to be stocked in the amazing BeautyMART, (very excited about this new beauty haven – might have to be a whole other post!) which is based in Harvey Nichols, hooray for London folk! I use this for a lazy day when I just want to get everything off quickly, but mainly I use it to take off my eye make-up (it makes light work of even the toughest of waterproof  mascara).

As for the order to use them in, this first bit of your routine goes like this:

Step 1. Remove eye make-up

Step 2. Precleanse (or first go with your cleanser)

Step 3. Cleanse

Step 4. Exfoliate

The next post will be on which delicious serums and moisturisers to slather onto that beautiful clean skin of yours.

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