Brow Boothe

Brow Boothe

Beautiful eyebrows are transformative. They define features and enhance natural beauty. They make a face more balanced and youthful.

Brow Boothe provides a tailored eyebrow shaping experience. This method does not follow trends, but determines the best brows for your face shape.

Whether yours are untouched and in need of taming or over-plucked, sparse or have fallen out due to illness (e.g. cancer treatment or alopecia), the Brow Boothe method assesses and determines the needs of the individual to create your perfect brows.

Brow Boothe uses tweezers, not wax or threading, for complete precision and minimal skin irritation. Experts in choosing the right colours and formulas for each client, Brow Boothe uses only the most effective products on today’s market.

Able to travel to most locations in London. Visit for more information and to book an appointment or complete the form below.

Louise Boothe is a qualified Cosmetic Make-up and Beauty Consultant and Brow Specialist.

Having learned so much through her own eyebrow experience, she understands how to help others who find themselves less than pleased with theirs. You can read her brow story here and here.

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