Your perfect brow shape

dolce eyebrows

These images aren’t just an excuse to get a bit of Dolce and Gabbana on the blog (although their ad campaigns do make my heart sing). The true purpose is to illustrate how, when it comes to brows, there is no one magic formula that is going to work for everyone or that can be called beautiful.

kate brows

The best brow shape is as individual as your nose or mouth – everyone has a unique ideal brow shape that will enhance and balance their features – and it usually is a neater, more defined version of what nature gave them.

jennifer lawrence brows

The key is this – don’t fight your natural brow shape, work with it. If you have straight brows, trying to achieve a high arch will leave you with rounded or very thin brows. If you have naturally slim brows, drawing on a heavy shape will over-power your features.

If you’ve been shaping your brows in a certain way for a long time, have a look at photos of yourself as a child and keep this in mind when reassessing your brow shape.