Beauty And The Bride: Time to tone up the jiggle

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I’m one of those people who gets really enthusiastic about getting fit for about two months and then misses one session, completely loses momentum and heads for the nearest baguette.

I’ve just started Fit February (I avoided Dry January) and, while having the bite-sized goal of doing regular exercise for four weeks really helps with motivation, this time I want to try to keep it up and make it a lifestyle thing.

When you’re getting ready for your wedding day I think it’s a good idea to take the same approach. There can’t be much worse than looking at your wedding photos and wishing you still felt as happy and confident with yourself as you did then. Why not keep it up and continue feeling super through to your first anniversary and beyond?

For me, working my exercise into my daily life is the only way to make sure I stick to it. I know that if I take my P.E kit to work planning to go to the gym afterwards there’s about a 99% chance it’ll stay under my desk unused for weeks. But if I take the same kit and change into it straight after work and then run (at least part of the way) home, I’m much more likely to do it because it’s a means to an end. Also, it’s often actually more pleasant than crushing into a packed train at rush hour, which is extra incentive.

The other thing that really works for me is exercise DVDs. This might conjure up images of cheesy 80s leotards but please let me tell you why you must try these.

Firstly, you don’t have to go anywhere. I always think that half the battle is making yourself get to the gym/park/swimming pool. With a DVD you just need clear a bit of space in your living room.

The second great thing is that no one can see you. I really don’t like anyone witnessing my bum jiggle/face turn bright red/my sweaty hair slap me in the face while I pound away like a baby elephant on a treadmill. Exercising at home means you can do all of this in private. Also, you don’t need any snazzy kit, just an exercise bra and your trainers (both of which are SO important, don’t even think about leaping around without either of these).

To see results you need to be doing about 30 minutes of exercise three times a week. If you have less time before w-day then I would up this to four or five times a week. Keeping it to 30 minutes makes it that much more achievable, it seems like a short period of time but if you work hard for that half an hour you will notice it.

These are the DVDs I have used and recommend:

Davina  – she’s a favourite because she is just so normal. I’m sure plenty of people will have other opinions but for me Davina is lovely and funny and her DVDs are created for us regular folk, are easy to follow and really work.

I have Davina Fit which has five sessions that are 30 minutes each. I like this one because the five sessions keep it varied. I also have Davina Power of Three and Davina My Three 30 Minute Workouts.

Other than Davina I have the Pussycat Dolls Workout DVD which is SO fun. You get fit while learning to dance like a bit of a ho, it’s hilarious. The girls in it have insane bodies, which is also nice and depressing. Only joking, of course I mean motivating!

Finally I have Mr Motivator BLT Workout. I really hope I’m not totally putting everyone off with my choices of DVD… I actually got this one for Christmas from my sister. Like PCD, it’s also pretty funny – set in Jamaica, Mr M seems to have pulled a few housewives off the beach to join him in his workouts. Aside from the comedy of Mr Motivators cries of ‘Get dimples in your bum’ (the muscle, not cellulite kind) it also really works. Because each workout is seven minutes I tend to push myself to do just one more and end up doing most of the hour long video in one session.

Keep doing three to four 30 minute sessions a week that get you out of breath and I promise that within just a few weeks you will be feeling fitter and healthier. Couple this with a healthy diet and you will be feeling brilliant. More to come on diet next.