Beauty And The Bride: Beautiful eating

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I’m no nutritionist but I do think I’ve got a good idea of healthy food choices and particularly those that lead to happy hair, skin and nails.

Alongside the exercise, if you make sure you are choosing the right foods you will really notice the difference.

I’m not going to write out a diet plan because I don’t have the expertise required for that but I will talk about some tips on what works for me when I’m having a bit of a health kick.

Firstly, if you work in an environment where colleagues have the habit of buying sweets, chocolate and cake, you’ve got to summon gargantuan amounts of will power and start saying no. Before you know it this can amount to hundreds (thousands) of extra calories a day. And the refined sugar is not doing your skin any favours at all.

Aside from avoiding the things you know are bad for you, generally start having meals that are low in fat and high in protein, with a little bit of carbohydrate on the side (I don’t think cutting carbs out altogether is helpful, I end up craving buttery toast).

Things that your hair, skin and nails love are avocados, nuts, fish, kale, plenty of water, oats, coconut oil, colourful vegetables, blueberries and seeds. All these foods are packed with the vitamins and antioxidants you need for glossy hair, clear skin and strong nails. Try to work them into your meals in a way that you find appealing – then you’re going to be more likely to stick to it. Just google recipes with these keywords.

Ideally, get your vitamins from the food you eat, but a supplement to this will work wonders too. I swear by Berrocca -when I’ve been having one regularly I notice the difference in my nails the most; they’re stronger, the tips are whiter and they peel and break less often. I don’t tend to have one a day because I heard that this can put a strain on your liver (and it gets expensive), four a week seems about right.

Drink plenty of water. This is not new advice but the reason you constantly hear this is because it’s so necessary to stay hydrated. It’s also such an easy thing to do so there’s really no reason not to. Also try to only drink alcohol twice a week at the most, cutting this down with get rid of lots of empty calories and your body will show its gratitude with happier skin and more energy.

Along with the exercise, a healthy but achievable diet (sometimes you should allow yourself that slice of cake – it’s really good for the soul) should be a lifestyle thing, not only in the run up to your wedding day or big event.

Next is skincare and the products I love and think make a difference.