The power of brows

Ok, so I think a large majority of the world would agree with me when I say that Mila Kunis is a particularly beautiful example of the human race. However, LOOK, just look at her without eyebrows! I found this photo on a curious, and yet, ingenious, blog dedicated entirely to photos of celebrities without eyebrows. Go ahead and have a browse, it makes for captivating viewing.

My point is this: Your eyebrows a are vitally important part of your face; treat them with the reverence of two queens sitting atop your pretty baby blues.

By this I mean, please, PLEASE, do not over-pluck. I say this as someone who grew up in the early nineties with an enormous set of natural eyebrows. I hated them. Particularly because I have curly hair, and they flicked up at the ends. Can you imagine? It was ‘fashionable’ then to have narrow lines forming precision-perfect arches. My poor little ten-year-old self didn’t stand a chance.

Not long later, I discovered tweezers and locked myself in the bathroom. From then onwards, for about 17 years, I pluck-plucked away and I had a set of those narrow, precise lines that I had always wanted.

What I know now, that I wish so much I had known/ believed my mother about then, is that natural, (neat, yes, thick, probably) suits best. And fashion cannot dictate this. A neat version of your natural brows will MAKE YOU LOOK YOUNGER, it will make your eyes prettier, your face more balanced.

Zoe Foster illustrates this perfectly with a couple of images of Keira Knightly on

Later, I plan to share my own eyebrow story on here, complete with, gulp, pictures. I’ve made a mess, and now I’m learning how to clear it up.

Update: To achieve your perfect brow shape, get in touch: