De-potting MAC eyeshadows

I’ve been having a bit of a Mac eyeshadow love-in recently. I’ve got a whole list of shades that I’m coveting and I’m slowly working my way through it.

This week I bought Nylon, Black Tied, Quarry and Patina – all recommendations from Tanya Burr – and I love them. At the airport, on my way to my summer holiday recently, (airport make-up shopping is genuinely one of my favourite partsĀ of going abroad) I treated myself to Sable, Satin Taupe, Omega and Coppering and have been loving trying them all out. Unfortunately, at the airport they didn’t have the shadows in pan form, so I had to get them all in their single pots. As I wanted to add them to a palette, this led me to trying to find out if it’s possible to remove the pans from the pots.

I asked in-store this week and was advised to have a look on YouTube (oh how I love thee!). These are the two most useful I have found – one with heat and one without.

A handy side-bonus of this is that I learned about the Back to Mac Program – if you take six empty Mac containers back to a store, you are entitled to a free lipstick of your choice – how amazing?!