Going natural with my hair

hair products

I’ve been taking a bit more care of my hair and scalp recently. It started when I asked my hairdresser (the wonderful Fabienne S in Richmond, South West London) what I could do about my itchy scalp. She recommended trying baby shampoo as the likely cause was that what I was currently using was too harsh.

Then, on the recent Channel 4 programme How Not To Get Old, a hairdresser said that we should all be avoiding products that contain Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS). His reasoning was that it is used to clean car engines. Having googled it I’ve found out that the stuff in our household products is a significantly weaker version, but still.

I’ve always gone for salon brands for my hair, usually Paul Mitchell, Redken and Kerastase and now that I’ve looked at the ingredients it turns out SLS is in all of these. Pretty annoying as they don’t come cheap!

I gave baby shampoo a go and I did like it, but it left my curly hair a little too fluffy. I’ve since moved on to The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Shampoo, which contains no silicones, sulphates, colour or parabens. I use it with my Redken conditioner (which doesn’t seem to have any of the nasties and either way I’ve got to use it up) and things seem to be looking up for both my hair and my scalp. My hair is super soft and also smooth (hardly ever happens) and my scalp definitely feels more comfortable. I need to give it a bit more use before I can say for sure but so far I’m very happy!

Another thing I’ve been doing is looking at ways to treat my hair and scalp from time to time. I found this post¬†and as I already had coconut and tea tree oils in my cupboards I gave it a go. This is SUCH a nice treatment. I left it on for a couple of hours (normally I’d probably leave it on overnight but had started playing around with this in the morning this time), then washed my hair as usual and was left with soft and shiny locks and a happy scalp. The next time my hair needed a wash I tried the apple cider vinegar treatment, which smells pretty awful but does seem to do a good job of clearing product build up and leaves hair and scalp squeaky-clean.

I’m going to carry on with my natural(ish) shampoo and remedies and try not to get seduced by salon brands any longer – we’ll see how I get on with that…