Beauty And The Bride: Skincare for the body

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I’ve done a bit of a lazy girl’s guide to getting into shape through exercise and diet, now on to the fun part – products!
These are the things I think it’s worth introducing into your routine up to six months (or more if you have longer) before your wedding day:

A firming, toning and cellulite busting gel or cream
I haven’t actually used many of these, mainly because I don’t find them moisturising enough, so the times I have bought them, I always end up reaching for the moisturiser instead. However, when you persevere and use the techniques they recommend (basically pummel those lumps and bumps away) I do think they help. I have tried and liked Elemis Body Sculpting Firming System (Duo). It’s pricey so I have also used L’Oreal Body Expertise Sculpt Up which I really recommend.

A smoothing body oil that will even out your skin tone and fade scars and stretch marks
I swear by Bio Oil, I’ve used it for years and totally think it’s worth the hefty price tag. It’s on offer on right now so with that it works out as about the price of your average body cream – great news!

An alternative is pure coconut oil, which you can buy in most health food shops and supermarkets. You can also use this as a hair mask.

Something specifically for your bust and décolletage
It’s worth treating this area with as much love as you do your face. The skin is very similar but prone to neglect sadly! For me, it’s often the area that I’m most likely to burn in the sun too so I try to be extra careful with the SPF nowadays.

In terms of looking after your chest daily, I like Nip+Fab Bust Fix Plumping Treatment  and Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formula Bust Cream.  Both are lovely, the Palmer’s feels more moisturising, whereas Nip+Fab’s is a gel, so it just depends what you prefer. Also the Palmer’s has that very strong chocolate-y scent so this might also sway you either way.

An exfoliator
Whether you prefer a scrub (I don’t) or a body puff (I do) just make sure that when you get in the bath or shower you are giving your skin a bit of a polish and getting rid of those dead skin cells.

The same goes for your feet too, give them a buff everyday and it’ll be much less work than if you leave them for weeks (months) and only pay them any attention when summer, or your wedding, comes round.

This isn’t necessarily exhaustive but I would say start using these four products some months before your wedding day and you will feel glow-y and lovely when the big day arrives. There is actually a lot more I could say on the matter (fake tan and hair removal to name just two) but I think that’s going to have to be another post!